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Sport psychology services can help top level athletes increase and maintain motivation, manage their arousal levels by regulating between relaxation and anxiety for optimal performance, set challenging and attainable goals, increase focus and concentration and deal with distractions, shift attention, coordinate mind and body executions, prevent from burning out, overcome injuries and other adversarial conditions including personal and family problems.

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What makes the difference at the professional & Olympic level of athletic competitions? The answer is an athlete’s mental conditions!

Athlete’s mental condition:

Anxiety & Relaxation
Focus & Concentration
Overcoming Adversity
Team Dynamics

SPORT PSYCHOLOGY (in English and Japanese)

At the top level of competitions, what makes a difference is the conditions of the athlete’s brain. Sports psychology is the integration of science and art, based on neuroscience, neuropsychology, behavioral sciences, kinesthesiology, and humanity.

Dr. Mikamo works with high levels of individual athletes and athletic teams, and she also works with coaches and team leaders if requested. The topics in sports psychology include motivation, relaxation and anxiety (arousal management), focus and concentration, imagery, mind-body connection, prevention of burning out, and overcoming adversity including injury and personal circumstances.

For developing elite athletes from the ages 2 to 18, sport psychology services are essential. This is because there are so many hidden traps in their mental worlds, which would inevitably end up spoiling the rare gifts in their athletic abilities while developing as an elite athlete and human being. The examples of such traps are inflated egos and mental vulnerability because of it, perfectionism and unhealthy methods to try to achieve excellence (such as eating disorders and self-destructive behavior), internalized conflicts due to the pressure from parents, coaches, or media, substance abuse, and the imbalance between their athletic growth needs and developmentally appropriate psychological needs. It’s very important for young elite athletes to develop as strong and flexible minds as their bodies.

Sport psychology services are provided in our office, on training sites, on competition sites, and via tele-communication, depending on the needs of the athlete(s).